As a family-owned winery, the holidays are a special time for us filled with gratitude for our loved ones, festivities to celebrate another great year, and of course the traditions that make us who we are.

Want to do Christmas eve, Trentadue Family-style? We’ve mapped out a game plan for you to experience our family’s perfect Christmas Eve, with every wine you need along the way.

6pm: Let the party begin  

It’s not an Italian family Christmas without a healthy dose of food & wine to kick off a long evening. Invite everyone over for pre-dinner cocktail hour.

Trentadue Family Tip: Welcome everyone with a chilled glass of Grand Cuvee Sparkling to kick things off in good cheer.

7PM: Snack like an Italian

Our heritage rings true when it comes to dinner-time…The family eats late! But that doesn’t mean everyone goes hungry. There is always an abundance of snacks to keep the hunger at bay until the table is set later into the evening. 

Trentadue Family Tip: A wide range of Try this Santa-Pasti Wreath as a guide to creating a festive way to keep those bellies full of holiday cheese…er…cheer!  (You can also out our tips on creating the Ultimate Cheese Board here).

8pm: Bring on the presents

While some families tend to experience the joy of Christmas morning, we believe in digging into your presents early. Christmas morning gifts can be exciting, but the magic of each of the gifts can get lost in the frenzy of tearing through presents.

Trentadue Family Tip: Gather the family to exchange gifts but let everyone have the spotlight on them by opening gifts one-by-one. Our best memories are seeing everyone open their gifts from each loved one that was so thoughtfully picked out for each other.

12 AM: Family Dinner

Remember that late dinner we talked about? Once everyone has opened their presents, we’ve all worked up an appetite. A few bottles of wine and a warm meal that has been cooking all evening is the way to any Italian family’s heart.

Trentadue Family Tip: Christmas Eve is the perfect occasion to enjoy a bounty of delicious sea food, and we have especially great access to an abundance of great seafood being so close to the Sonoma Coast. Dig into a rich meal of Spaghetti with Frutti di Mare paired with our bright and balanced 2016 Trentadue Sangiovese. Or feed the village and sink into a hearty serving (ok, maybe two servings…) or Lasagna Bolognese with the house favorite 2015 La Storia Cuvee 32.

1:30AM: Time for a nightcap…

Everyone has been wined and dined and gifted late into the night. Enjoy the rest of your night with content mumbles about how delicious dinner was. There is always Chestnuts on hand to roast over the wood fire in the family room, or boiled for easy 

Trentadue Family Tip: Snag a couple bottles of 2016 Old Patch Red and use this recipe for Hot Mulled Wine that will settle you in for a cozy night. Want to really get in the Trentadue Christmas spirit? Don’t skimp on the port (trust us).

Christmas Day will be spent lounging around, enjoying last night’s gifts, and maybe (definitely) a few more bottles of wine along the way.

Wishing you the happiness of holidays, from our family to yours.


Don’t let Santa forget your presents under the tree!

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