Whether you’re coming from across the country to visit with us or just in from the Bay Area for a day trip, here’s some of our top pieces of advice for you to make the most of your visit with us at the Trentadue Estate!

Layer It Up

Alexander Valley is cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons and drops back down to cooler temperatures in the evenings. It’s called a diurnal shift, and it’s actually one of the reasons that we are able to produce such great wines in Sonoma County. But it can certainly make it hard to know what to wear! We recommend dressing in light layers that are easy to remove and put back on as you navigate

If you’re coming during rainy season (October-May) pack a good pair of boots so you can walk the vines without ruining your favorite pair of shoes.

Forget Your Fragrance For the Day

It’s an easy one to overlook, but wine tasting is an experience that evokes all of your senses and smell is a key component! We encourage guests to skip any scented perfumes, lotions or colognes that might overwhelm your ability to take a big whiff of wine.

It’s Ok To Spit!

We promise, we’re not offended. Especially if you’re tasting responsibly and plan on visiting multiple wineries on your trip through Sonoma Wine Country, spitting (or dumping out) the rest of your tasting is not only ok, it’s encouraged if it feels appropriate.

Ask Away!

As a family-owned winery, wine is not just our business, it’s our lifestyle. All of our educators are like family at Trentadue and they are a wealth of knowledge in the wine industry. Have some questions about what you’re drinking, where it’s grown, or what tasting notes to look for while you’re sipping and swirling? Ask away, we can’t wait to share our wines with you!

Don’t Forget To Pack A Snack

With so much great wine to drink, it can be easy to let the day pass and realize you haven’t eaten anything beyond a few tasting crackers! Keep the “hangrys” at bay and be sure to pack a picnic sandwich and snacks to keep your energy up from tasting to tasting. Forget to plan ahead? That’s what you’ve got us for! We have a supply of crackers, cheese and meats in our provisions section of the tasting room to keep you going.

Water Is Your Friend

You know you’ve had a great day of wine tasting in Sonoma when you look in the mirror and realize you’ve got a big purple-toothed smile! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water in between tastings to mitigate some of the purple teeth dilemma, as well as stay hydrated to keep a potential hangover at bay.

When you come and visit us in Alexander Valley at Trentadue Estate, you’re not just a guest….you’re part of the family. We can’t wait to share our wines with you at your next tasting now that you are a sip and swirl pro!