The Trentadue's were among the first to experiment with what resulted in a number of viticultural/wine industry innovations. Being a trendsetter and an indivitual who is known for being open to new ideas, Leo Trentadue introduced advanced irrigation practices common to his former home in Santa Clara County, to the Alexander Valley.

Today, farming at Trentadue Winery is not much different than it was when the winery was first getting started. Here at Trentadue we use sun powered energy systems to provide electrical needs for our winery and other facilities on the Estate such as our Tasting Room and on-site residences. By using solar to energize our winery, we are able to refuel energy to give back to the environment. After harvest, the remains of the grapes, leaves and barrels are composted and tilled back into the soil. All of these actions help to reudce waste on our land, allowing us to be a sustainable winery.

"Sonoma County grape farmers and winemakers are dependent on a healthy environment to grow the best grapes that make world class wines. Our grape growers and winemakers have long been at the forefront of creating and utilizing sustainable practices, so our commitment to 100% sustainability will ensure our businesses, rural lifestyle and agricultural heritage will be maintained for years to come. Every time a consumer purchases a bottle or glass of wine from Sonoma County, they can buy with the confidence knowing it was produced in an environmentally friendly way by passionate stewards of the land." - Sonoma County Winegrowers Association