It’s Summer Solstice at Trentadue and we are ready for the changes happening in the vineyards across Sonoma County! Now that spring has passed, and the vines have gone through the first stages of their growth life cycle, it is time for them to mature.

Below are the stages of the life cycle that we will see this summer!

  1. Berry Growth- This stage of the life cycle happens during June and into July.      Now that temperatures are rising, the fruit on the vines are getting much bigger. As they grow, they will start to form clusters on the vines that will then mature into full and luscious grape bunches.
  2. Green Harvesting - This practice is common in the wine industry, and usually happens right before Veraison. We do it here at Trentadue and we take off any extra weight from the vines. We go through and drop any unripe berries allowing the vine to focus all its energy into the best, ripe berries.
  3. Summer Veraison- This stage comes mid-July and is a very exciting stage in the life cycle. The berries begin to ripen and change in color, casting a gradient of yellow and purple colors throughout the wine country. In the simplest terms, the grapes change from green to red. This is one of the most beautiful times to come and visit us. Take a vineyard tour, watch the sunset at our Happy Hour Thursdays… there is no place like the vineyards during veraison, see for yourself!

Once Veraison hits, then begins harvest! This is a process we are looking forward to highlighting for all of you. As we get closer and closer you will begin to see some behind the scenes at how we produce our wines. For now, come enjoy a beautiful summer tasting!

Our tasting room is open daily 10am-5pm! To see the full Summer Happy Hour Thursday Schedule, click here!