When most visitors come to Sonoma Wine Country, it can be easy to assume that there is wine and food everywhere you look! But it will only take you one day to realize that finding a bite between tastings can pose a challenge (and a rumbling belly). Even if you’re a great planner and packed a picnic ahead of time, you may also come across the tough permitting challenges at other Sonoma wineries that prevent guests from allowing food onsite.

At Trentadue Estate winery, we are proud to be able to offer you not only our incredible Sonoma County wines, but also welcome you to our lawn to spread out, sip on a glass, and enjoy the treats of wine country at your leisure!

Here’s our top tips to planning a wine country picnic from at our Alexander Valley vineyards.

Say Cheese!

Your picnic basket should include a mixture of styles of cheese in order to pair with any wine you select from the winery! • Aged: Gruyere, Manchego, Gouda, Aged Cheddar + Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine • Soft: Camembert, Boursin, Brie, Havarti + 2017 Trentadue Estate Sangiovese • Firm: Mimolette, Peccorino, Asiago, Provolone + 2016 La Storia Cabernet Sauvignon

Pack A Main Course

Trust us, you’ll want something substantial as midday rolls around, so if you’re packing your own, pack up a main course like a Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich.

Get ON Our Lawn!

Bring your favorite picnic blanket and come enjoy drinking some of the best Sonoma County wine from our Alexander Valley vineyards on our spacious lawn overlooking our Alexander Valley vineyards. We’re loving this Waterproof Extra Large blanket with easy handles and eco-friendly fabric.

Wine & Dine

We’ve got you covered with all the best wine…no need to pack a corkscrew! Meet us in the tasting room and our hospitality team will assist you in picking out your best bottle to enjoy from our Estate vines. All you need to do is grab your basket and enjoy the beauty of our Alexander Valley Vineyards as you sip and snack on a perfect Sonoma County day.

No Basket? No Problem.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town, or just didn’t think far enough in advance, we’ve got you covered! Not only can you purchase a bottle of wine to enjoy, but we have a selection of chees, artisanal meats and crackers right in our tasting room for you to grab and go. That means less planning and maximum enjoyment. Isn’t that what wine country is all about?

We look forward to welcoming you to the Estate for the perfect picnic in Alexander Valley!