It’s the season for eating, drinking and entertaining! The perfect time to spend with friends and family to celebrate all the love, fun and food between you. Whether you are going to them or they are coming to you, make sure you have the supply to match the demands of any interaction coming your way this season.  

Skip the grocery store wine aisle and bring out the good stuff this year. Choosing wine for a diverse group can be challenging…which is why a mixed case is always your best bet. With a varied selection of bottles (we suggest three of each) you can be prepared from appetizers to the main course all the way to dessert with a wine that everyone can enjoy:


For the Hostess with the Most-est:

Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine

We’re taking this to every holiday party for hostess gifts. Because if you’re showing up with bubbly, you instantly become the most sparkly person at the party even if you skipped the sequins this year. Our Grand Cuvee is the perfect pairing from aperitif, to hors d’oevres, to celebrating the fact the dishes are done and everyone is in bed. Attractively delicate fruit, a smooth crisp finish layered with crisp apples and pears make this bottle the best way to start OR end the night.


For your cousin who thinks they “hate Merlot.”

 2015 Trentadue Petite Sirah

Brace yourself, they’ve seen the movie “Sideways” and are now the experts on all things wine. It’s all good, that’s why you picked up a few bottles of our Petite Sirah. With the plush tannins and jammy full-body, you’ll be able to maintain your reign as the cousin with superior taste. No noogies necessary.


For your friend who will “have what you’re having”

2016 Trentadue Zinfandel AV Estate

You have good taste. We don’t blame them. Our Zinfandel, coming from the Alexander Valley is the perfect pairing to any holiday meal. The subtle toasted oak and full-bodied expression make it an easy pairing with your favorite main courses from turkey to prime rib. All of the juicy finish and lively acidity will keep you (and your friend) coming back for more. You might want to find a good hiding place for that bottle before it runs out too fast!


For your favorite Aunt with a sweet tooth:

Chocolate Amore Port

Opulence. That’s the best word to describe the luscious mouthfeel of our Chocolate Amore Port and we have it in spades. We’ll tell you a secret…this wine is made from Merlot grapes! But even the toughest “Merlot haters” will find themselves in true amore after a mere sip from our luscious port. This is the perfect “kick your feet up” glass to sip after a rich dinner and you can even take it up a notch by pouring it over a scoop of vanilla gelato.


Whatever the occasion, come prepared with a full supply of Trentadue Wines at your side for a holiday season full of good times, great company, and of course, delicious Sonoma County wines. From our family to yours, happy sipping!