We came. We drank. We feasted. A Trentadue family Thanksgiving definitely ensures that there are plenty of leftovers…trust us, Italian families never let anyone go hungry for the holidays! We also ensure that nothing goes to waste as we bring you our ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Guide! With the holiday weekend behind us, here are some Creative and Classic ways to use up those savory leftovers all week long. 

Are you a Classic recipe lover, or looking to get a little more Creative? We’ve compiled our favorite wine pairings that go head-to-head with traditional Thanksgiving style. 

Classic: A cool-weather classic, scoop your leftover turkey and veggies into this Leftover Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Creative: Who says muffin tins are just for sweets? Make it savory with these delicious Leftover Turkey Stuffing Muffins.

Wine Pairings2017 OPR Sauvignon Blanc.

If you need a break from rich red wines, freshen up your palate with our 2017 OPR Sauvignon Blanc. Clean bodied with a slightly lower alcohol, the refreshing acidity will cut through the richness of both of these dishes. Aged “sur lie” for 5 months, this wine has just the right amount of complexity to round out the mouthfeel and play friendly with your food.


Creative: It’s a Trentadue family rule: there should always be some frozen pizza dough on hand for lazy days like this. Wrap up your leftovers in a Thanksgiving Stromboli to feed the lingering crowd of your out-of-town guests with minimal effort and maximum delicious-ness.

Classic: You knew this was coming. Make things easy on yourself and let everyone craft up their own Turkey Sandwiches with a sandwich station. Go the extra mile with this with Gravy Mayo.

Wine Pairings: 2016 Trentadue Zinfandel Alexander Valley Estate

The perfect balance of fruit, oak, and acidity, our Zin makes the perfect pairing for pizza and sandwiches.


Creative: All your favorite ingredients wrapped in a crunchy outside with these Leftover Egg Rolls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce makes this a recipe for the win. Make these for a lighter lunch or set out for pre-dinner snacking later on in the day.

Classic: Is there anything more classic than Bacon? We think not. Especially when the bacon makes leftover stuffing the star of the show with these super-easy Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Bites.

Wine Pairings: 2016 Trentadue Carignane

If you’re not familiar with this classic Trentadue varietal…we are happy to show you the ropes. Our Carignane vineyards are some of the oldest in Sonoma County, and develop a wine with medium body, fresh acidity and a long, fruit finish. The kiss of oak and natural freshness pair nicely with crispy bacon or will play up your Cranberry dipping sauce…no matter which direction you take it!


Creative: Remember that thing we said keeping pizza dough in reserve? It comes in handy when you’re ready to whip up a Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza.

Classic: Our favorite recipes are ones that feed a crowd…like this creamy Turkey Tetrazzini with Crunch Parmesan Panko. Perfect for staying in with some board games and a glass (ok, a bottle) of wine.

Wine Pairings: 2016 Trentadue Merlot Alexander Valley

This vintage brought a deep concentration of color and acidity that made us fall in love with Merlot all over again. Paired with food, notes of dark cherry, plums and herbs make us feel cozier than ever.


Cheers to the friends, family, food and wine between us!