At Trentadue there are a variety of wines that we recommend laying down to age. Many people wonder what the benefit of aging your wine is and why you would want to age certain wines over others. Some people buy wine to drink now, and others buy wine to drink in the future. These people are usually collectors of wine or buying for a special occasion, whether it’s the year of their Anniversary, or the birth year of one of their children. There are a ton of people that don’t know why or how long to age your wine. If you are one of these people, know that you are not alone and we’re here to help break it down!

So, what are the benefits of aging your wine? To put it in simpler terms, aging wine is like cooking a stew, just on a longer time scale. Cook a stew for an hour and you have fully cooked components, but a disjointed and unpleasant dish that hasn't fully come together as one cohesive, softened, and well blended entree. An “age-worthy” red wine has a few crucial components (intensity of fruits, acids, and tannins) that all become well-integrated and maycreate, at first, high tannin levels, and "sharp” edges, but after years of aging, will become much softer, smoother, and balanced, without sacrificing ripeness of the fruit characteristics within the wine. Ultimately, every wine has a purpose and a story, with a lifeline projection determined by the winemaker and made with intention. Many of the wines that Trentadue produces have all the essential elements to be age-worthy red wines that tell a story, create an experience, and will surpass the expectations of our customers. 

Below are the wines that we think have perfect cellar potential!

  1. La Storia Cabernet: Aging potential is anywhere from 5-7 years
  2. La Storia Petite Sirah: Aging potential is anywhere from 5-8 years
  3. Our Ports: Aging potential is anywhere from 10-15+ years

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