Creating the perfect wine pairings for a meal is an art! We decided to highlight a few of our favorite Trentadue Estate wines by suggesting food to enjoy alongside them.

Here are a few suggestions using three of our favorite Trentadue Estate wines!

Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine - Rich in fruit flavor, crisp, clean, lively and refreshing. Great balance and a lingering finish mark this full-flavored sparkling wine would pair perfectly with fruit-based desserts such as tarts, crepes, and any buttered or honeyed dessert!

2016 Trentadue Zinfandel -  This bright and lively concentrated “Zin” has aromas of predominant dark cherry, blueberry, plum and some of the typical raisins aromas. Pair this medium to full body wine with pasta, seafood, or sausage dishes.

2015 Trentadue Petite Sirah - Our 2015 Petite Sirah has a very dark, opaque color, beautiful nose of concentrated blueberries and blackberries that leads to a full body mouth feel with engagingly soft tannins. Petite Sirah generally pairs well with meats that are roasted or smoked and dishes with hearty, slightly acidic sauces like hamburgers or pot roast!

All of these wines are available for purchase here!