Some of the most prestigious wines in the world are red “blends,” whether they’re made in Sonoma Valley or Bordeaux. 

Take a look in your wine aisle, and you might notice that the “red blend” section has become more extensive year over year!

The concept of blending varietals has happened since the beginning of winemaking. There is certainly nothing that states that a 100% varietal wine is better. In fact, the blending of wine came from necessity in order to bring balance, structure, and elegance to some of the best wines in the world.

What you may not know as an American wine-drinker; only 75% of the varietal noted on the label is mandatory for a wine to call itself said varietal. Meaning, your favorite Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon might actually be 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 25% Merlot.

As our Alexander Valley winery where we experience wet, cool maritime influences, blending varietals can bring out the best in our wine. It allows us to create a more complete wine, no matter the challenges of that growing season. That may be why wines like our La Storia Cuvee 32 is one of our most sought-after bottles.

 Still need a reason to love a red blend? Here are our top 3 reasons your next bottle of wine should be a blend. 

  1. They Pair Better With Food

For your average mid-week #WineWednesday bottle, a comfortable red blend will pair well with whatever you have on the menu, from take-out to a home-cooked meal.

  1. They’re A Crowd-Pleaser

Peruse any table at your any wine tasting event in wine country and you will likely find a blend on their table. It’s easy to understand why! Blends are crowd-pleasing wines, and perfect for a group with mixed palates.

While planning corporate events at the winery, and especially as one of Sonoma’s best winery wedding venues, we love being your guide to choosing the best wine for an upcoming event. Let our team help you pick a wine everyone will love, no matter who’s invited. 

  1. They’re Delicious No Matter The Vintage

Winemakers love crafting a delicious red blend every vintage because it gives them room to play. Cooler regions like our home town of Sonoma County can lead to slower ripening of the grapes that crave more warmth and sunlight and can leave some varietals under the weather in colder or wetter vintages. You can feel confident selecting a red blend from the shelf in nearly any vintage knowing that the varietals are playing to each other’s strengths. 

Enjoy your favorite blend in confidence. Perhaps tonight is the perfect night to open your favorite Trentadue blend from Our La Storia Cuvee 32 to our perfect weeknight wine, Old Patch Red.