Cruise through southern France along the Rhone River on the ultimate WINE getaway SUMMER 2019! Have you booked your trip yet?

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime Trentadue Wine adventure! On May 12, 2019 the SS Catherine will depart into the waters to France’s culinary capital and home to many restaurants specializing in modern French cuisine, the city of Lyon. Enjoy this exclusive voyage, which offers a chance to discover one of the most renowned wine regions in the world, with hosts, owner Victor Trentadue and VP of winemaking Miro Tcholakov - not to mention, plenty of our Trentadue wine!

Explore and discover the famed land of southern France with access to unique venues, often not accessible to the public, and intimate shore tours with our guides that have been hand selected based on their expertise and knowledge of the region. The experience will be just as incredible as the destination itself! If you’re like us, you’ll never want to leave!

To put it simply… 7 Days, UNLIMITED drinks (including WINE and BEER), ENTERTAINMENT and ACTIVITIES while aboard the ship and AIRPORT TRANSFERS to and from - now, how can you pass that up!?

This boutique ship is part of Unworld’s award-winning collection of river cruise ships and is designed to be ultra-luxurious, authentic and intimate, fitting only 159 passengers! With a limited number of tickets, plan your 2019 VACATION in advance.

CLICK HERE for more information about the trip or CALL (707) 526-2922, we look forward to cruising with you!