Miro Barrels Background Cropped"My philosophy in a nut shell is to make the best wine possible from the grapes grown on the Trentadue Estate; with the greatest respect to specific Terroir, allowing every vintage and variety to express itself without restriction and intervention. After more than twenty years of making wine I’ve become to realize that learning is an ongoing process and a never ending quest for that “perfect” wine. The more I learn the more I see the many possibilities for fine tuning both grape growing and the winemaking. Every vintage year brings new specific conditions that need to be evaluated quickly, and experience, “gut feelings” and a dose of some luck will lead to making that perfect wine. In the cellar the wines are made by using the best of what modern winemaking has to offer but those old world methods and practices that have been proven throughout the centuries cannot be forgotten.

A never ending quest of mine is “demystifying” wine by educating and preaching the gospel of simplicity and natural affinity of wine and food to everyday life and anybody’s lifestyle. Trentadue is a special place where, family, terroir, food and wine, past and present, take their own unique form and stay in the minds of thousands of winery visitors and loyal Trentadue fans each year."

Cheers!  Miro Tcholakov.