OPR California Champagne

Price $18.00/bottle
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Rich in fruit flavor, crisp, clean, lively and refreshing. Great balance and a lingering finish mark this full-flavored sparkling wine that is perfect for all kinds of special occasions. Whether it's a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, a holiday event, or just an intimate gathering of friends, this sparkling wine is sure to please.

Tasting Notes

Trentadue California Champagne is created using only select premium varietal wine.  It is especially formulated to make it versatile, ideal for serving as an apertif or to accompany hors d’oevres and light food of all kinds.  It is an attractively delicate, fruity wine with a smooth, crisp finish.

Trentadue California Champagne is made with French Colombard grapes from the Mendocino and Lodi regions, using the Charmat bulk process.  The wine is fermented in large 1,000-2,000 gallon glass lined tanks and the process takes about 45 days to complete.  The result is a slightly sweet, mellow style Champagne with clean fruitiness and balanced acidity, a sparkling wine with a delicate flavor layered over impressions of a pear and green apple.  

While we associate Champagne with special occasions and the holiday season, sparkling wines are great just about anytime, as a cocktail before dinner, with lighter fare, and with dessert.  Whatever your setting or occasion, Trentadue Champagne is a great choice for value and quality.

OPR California Champagne