2020 Trentadue Estate Shoestring Sangiovese

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Tasting Notes

Our 2020 Sangiovese was made mostly from the new Block 602 Brunello Clone. The maturing vines have become more balanced and that affects the flavor profile of our Sangiovese in a very positive way. The weather and the precise timing of irrigations (or lack of) decreased the berry size of the Sangiovese significantly and that contribute to more concentration and intensity in the wine. In addition to the consistent Asian spices, dried cranberries and bright cherries now we see deeper and more complex aromas and flavor of dark stone fruit, blackberries and cassis. The wine is darker and more focused and sophisticated. The oak aging added additional aromas of vanilla, maple, toast and a hint of cinnamon to the already spicy and complex wine.  The mouth feel is also typical for Sangiovese-bright acidity, soft tannins, medium body and a medium long but juicy finish. Sangiovese is one of the most food friendly grape varietals and has a special affinity to dishes based on tomatoes and tomato sauces.



GOLD - 2022 OC Fair Wine Competition


2020 Trentadue Estate Shoestring Sangiovese