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  • 2019 Trentadue Rosato di Sangiovese Photo
    2019 Trentadue Rosato di Sangiovese

    The 2019 season had an interesting mix of conditions to say the least! We had a lot of rain in March and in May, fire in October with evacuations and power outages, other than that the quality was spectacular! The only grapes not harvested before the fire started was our small block of Montepulciano, but we managed to harvest before the fire became more serious. Otherwise the growing season was relatively mild and long without any heat waves or other surprises. The crop yields were lower than 2018 and the quality was high. There are two different ways to make Rose out of red grapes: one is to make it as if the grapes were white by pressing them immediately after harvesting and fermenting the juice only; the other way is called saignee or “bleeding” the juice from the fermenters prior red wine fermentation. In 2019 we harvested the Sangiovese grapes from the older block 601 about 10 days before the red wine harvest. After immediate pressing of the juice and settling the fermentation took place in stainless tank at very low temperature for a long time to preserve more of the delicate and exuberant aromas of young Sangiovese. Post fermentation, portion of the wine was aged briefly in neutral oak barrels and small stainless barrels. The flavor profile of our Rosato di Sangiovese is amazing –guava, peach, apricot and water melon followed by touch of Asian spices and a hint of rose petals. The mouth feel is viscos with slight sweetness, bright acidity, juicy and refreshing. Enjoy this wine well chilled with or without food, it will be equally satisfying. Cheers.

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  • 2017 Trentadue Estate Carriage House Carignane Photo
    2017 Trentadue Estate Carriage House Carignane
    There were times when Carignane was the most planted grape variety in the world. Its origins are from the coastal vineyards of the Mediterranean Sea. In California Carignane was grown state wide and it was the base for many wonderful wines in the early days of winemaking. Today a few rare old vineyards such as Trentadue Estate are still standing and proudly producing delicious wines. This grape is a relatively late ripening variety and it has a tendency to produce large crop given the opportunity. Only one acre remains of our Old Vines planted back in 1935 and it is well pass its heavy bearing years. The vines are also dry farmed and that contributes to the lower yields as well. Our 2017 Carriage House Carignane exhibits abundant aromas and flavors of Bing cherries, dark plums and wild berries. There is an intricate complexity in this wine often associated with Old Vines. Serve with roasted meats, savory vegetable dishes and a variety of rustic cheeses.
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  • 2018 Trentadue Estate Sangiovese Photo
    2018 Trentadue Estate Sangiovese

    Our 2018 Sangiovese was made mostly from the new Block 602 Brunello Clone. The maturing vines have become more balanced and that affects the flavor profile of our Sangiovese in a very positive way. The weather and the precise timing of irrigations (or lack of) decreased the berry size of the Sangiovese significantly and that contribute to more concentration and intensity in the wine. In addition to the consistent Asian spices, dried cranberries and bright cherries now we see deeper and more complex aromas and flavor of dark stone fruit, blackberries and cassis. The wine is darker and more focused and sophisticated. The oak aging added additional aromas of vanilla, maple, toast and a hint of cinnamon to the already spicy and complex wine. The mouth feel is also typical for Sangiovese-bright acidity, soft tannins, medium body and a medium long but juicy finish. Sangiovese is one of the most food friendly grape varietals and has a special affinity to dishes based on tomatoes and tomato sauces. Cheers!

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  • 2017 Trentadue Estate Victorian House Zinfandel Photo
    2017 Trentadue Estate Victorian House Zinfandel

    Produced from the oldest zinfandel block on the estate, planted in 1886 when the Victorian House next to it was in it’s prime. You can still see the Victorian House through the bushes and trees next to the old Zinfandel block to this day!

  • 2017 Trentadue Estate Scott Henry Merlot Photo
    2017 Trentadue Estate Scott Henry Merlot

    Our 2017 Trentadue Merlot represents a new beginning for the winery for producing the best that we can under the Trentadue label. The 2017 is a fine example of the ability of this classic Bordeaux variety to make solid, tasty and age worthy wines. The 2017 growing season was long and perhaps one of the best we had in this decade. The main aromas and flavors are of dark cherry, plums, a bit of black licorice and herbs. The new oak barrels contribute a touch of vanilla, brown sugar, cocoa dust and toast. On the mouth the wine is almost heavy but balancing the acidity and the tannins well for such a young wine. This wine will age well and will reward your patience if stored well in the next 3-6 years.

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  • 2018 Trentadue Old Orchard Montepulciano Photo
    2018 Trentadue Old Orchard Montepulciano

    Montepulciano, an important grape variety from Central Italy, was planted on our Estate fourteen years ago but it was only 4 rows of vines. We liked it so much that 8 years ago we planted additional 1.5 acres of the certified Italian clone VCR 10. We found out that this variety is late ripening, even later then the Cabernet Sauvignon. There are currently less than 10 tons harvested of this variety in Sonoma County. It is the grower’s variety-with its beautiful and perfect, dark berried clusters, uniformly hanging from the vines. The 2018 is our second year of updated line of more upscale and unique blends under the Trentadue label. This is a truly winemakers blend of all handpicked barrels all made from the young vines. Honoring the Trentadue family heritage and traditions we offer you this classic Italian variety. The wine is deeply colored, with intense blueberry and plum aromas, solid tannins and firm acidity.

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  • 2017 Trentadue Estate Heart's Desire Petite Sirah Photo
    2017 Trentadue Estate Heart's Desire Petite Sirah

    The 2017 Trentadue Estate Hearts Desire Petite Sirah is the first vintage of our new vision for the Trentadue line of wines. This is a truly a winemakers blend of all handpicked barrels. All 8 barrels of Petite Sirah selection came entirely from Block 405 and it was all fermented in open top fermenters. The 2017 Petite Sirah berries were very small and slightly dehydrated resulting in an impressive wine with very dark, opaque color, beautiful nose of concentrated blue berries and blackberries that leads to a full body mouth feel with engagingly soft tannins. The aging in 60% new oak barrels brings in delicious smoky, toasty and chocolaty aromas that blend in perfectly with the fruit. Overall the aromas are of fresh dark fruit and very attractive. Longevity, if stored properly, is one of the virtues of this variety and it will give you the most enjoyment in 5-8 years.

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