Geyserville Estate Vineyard

For over 55 years, we have been growing premium wine grapes, with some vines dating back to 1886.  Our farming practices reflect our commitment to exceptional fruit quality and our stewardship of the land from which it comes. We strive to balance the traditions of the area’s early Italian growers and the ever-evolving viticulture industry.  Sustainable agriculture is practiced, as we are stewards of our land and utilize all of the elements available to put the most we can offer into each bottle of wine while retaining the viability of our Estate for generations to come.

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Team Trentadue

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One of the vital elements to our success is teamwork. The open dialogue between the Trentadue Family, the winemaking and sales teams and the front office is key to creating strong and solid decision making on every aspect of the job that affects the vines we grow and the wine we bottle.


Miro Tcholakov Talks Verasion