Geyserville Estate Vineyard

For over 55 years, we have been growing premium wine grapes, with some vines dating back to 1886.  Our farming practices reflect our commitment to exceptional fruit quality and our stewardship of the land from which it comes.  We strive to balance the traditions of the area’s early Italian growers and the ever-evolving viticulture industry.  Sustainable agriculture is practiced, as we are stewards of our land and utilize all of the elements available to put the most we can offer into each bottle of wine while retaining the viability of our Estate for generations to come.

The soil on our Estate is our life blood and will be the foundation of our family for years to come. Much consideration is taken when anything is put into this soil and we strive for a balance in the fruit that our vines provide to us and the nutrients we are able to supply the vines and the soil in return. We use soil-building cover crops which add nutrients and nitrogen into the soil, as well as control erosion and suppress unwanted weeds, which is part of our sustainable farming efforts. Nothing goes to waste as grape stems and pomace for instance, are composted, turning them into a nutrient-rich material that can be used in the vineyards.

Our 200 acre Geyserville Estate Vineyard consists of 12 red grape varietals, varying in age from 4 to 128 years old. While the majority of our vines are supported by trellis wires, our Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Carignane blocks are head pruned, which we believe allow these varieties to produce higher quality fruit. Although more labor is involved in farming grapes this way, the improved fruit quality outweighs the increase time and labor cost. All of our fruit is handpicked, mostly at night which keeps the temperature of the juice from 50 to 60 ° F, which preserves and enhances the flavors of the grapes.

We are extremely fortunate to have an excellent crew working with our vines. Miguel, Martin and David Garcia have worked for our family for over 25 years and we have not only worked hand in hand to nurture our vines and wines, but have also watched each other’s family grow. Working as a team, Victor Trentadue, who started working our fields when he could walk and has his own vineyard management company and Miro Tcholokov, our winemaker who knows exactly what he wants out of our vines and how to achieve it, advise our crew and oversee the vines from bud break to harvest, ensuring consistent excellent fruit quality while putting a premium on caring for our Estate.

With our great employee base and a shared dedication to our estate, our grapes and our wines, we perpetuate the goal set by Leo and Evelyn Trentadue in 1959, of producing top quality fruit and ultra-premium wines from our Alexander Valley Estate.