Club Patrimonia

Our most prestigious wine club grants its members first-choice samples from our entire list of wines: Trentadue, La Storia Reserve and our renowned Ports. This club is for the true wine collector and lover of all things Trentadue, offering case shipments and the highest level of discounts. Enjoy complimentary tastings for you and up to five guests and access to reserve the Arbor and Courtyard when you visit the winery.

Annual Wine Received
48 bottles (4 cases)

Wine Per Shipment
12 bottles

Average Price Per Shipment
$260, plus tax and shipping

Wines Included
La Storia Reserves, Trentadue & Dessert

Four times per year: February, April, September, November

Purchasing Discount

Club Benefits
The benefits to our most prestigious club include priority access to limited and library wines, unlimited complimentary traditional wine tastings for member and five guests.

Discounts are offered on private tastings, reserve tastings and tours as well as access to reserve the Arbor and Courtyard, also at a discount.

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